Survey Training Data: Crickets and Grasshoppers

As a result of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we were able to run some wildlife survey technique training days in 2014 and 2015. The results of the Orthoptera surveys done as part of this training are below.

ClassOrderFamilySpeciesCommon nameOrthoptera survey training data 6/9/15
Acrididae (Grasshoppers)
Chorthipippus brunneusCommon field grasshopper42
Chorthipippus parallelusMeadow grasshopper61
C. alobomarginatusLesser marsh grasshopper14
Tettigoniidae (Bush-crickets)
Conocephalus dorsalis Short-winged conehead5
Metrioptera roeselliRoesel’s Bush-cricket4
Tetrigidae (Groundhoppers)
Tetrix undulataCommon groundhopper8
Tetrix subulataSlender groundhopper3