Further Wildlife Guidance

Here is some more information and wildlife guidance specific to the residents and local visitors that go to the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park courtesy of one of the Park wardens:

  • Flies!

A number of residents close to the water have mentioned the problem of lots of little flies on their balconies.  These are different types of midge and mosquito, and are not harmful to humans although some species can bite and may cause itching (NB: Mosquitoes in the UK do not carry malaria or other diseases).  These flies, annoying to humans as they are, are an important part of a wetland food chain.  Other creatures will soon be out hunting and eating the flies.  Bats will emerge from hibernation in April and will hunt flies at dusk.  Swifts, Swallows and House Martins will return from Africa in late April and early May to feast on the flies.

If you want to deter flies from around your windows, try burning citronella candles, now available cheaply from B&Q and other stores, or any citrus aromatherapy oil.  They also don’t like the smell of garlic or onions but it depends if you do!

  • Feeding the ducks

Too much bread in the water can eventually start to pollute the water.  It is not the preferred food for ducks, so a lot tends to get left in the water.  Not only does such rotting food contribute to problem algae in the lakes, it also attracts unwanted wildife, like rodents, and increases the risk of water borne disease such as Botulism and Leptospirosis (in worst case scenarios).  These are all serious management considerations and unchecked will also detrimentally effect the lake aesthetic.  Ducks eat vegetation predominately and some invertebrates, these are both freely available to the wildfowl within the park and its lakes. You can leave food out on a bird table or hang up bird feeders, this will attract various songbirds to your balcony or patio (again baring in mind spilt food will attract rodents). If you would like further information on this then please contact the wardens at the Ecology Park.

  • Refuse and other objects

Despite the outer lake having open access 24 hours a day, it is still part of the over all nature reserve.  With this in mind, water based recreational activities, dumping of litter or any other activity involving objects or liquids being used in the lakes is discouraged.  Such activity not only causes physical disturbance to plants and wildlife, it may create hazards for wildlife as well as contributing to pollution of the lakes, while also encouraging others, less innocent, to use the lake as a dumping ground.  The lakes are checked regularly for such problems, should you have any concerns regarding the activities of others in the lakes or elsewhere in the Ecology Park, please contact the wardens.