Wildlife Records

Here you can find various records of the wildlife found in the Ecology Park and surrounding areas of the Peninsula. There is also some information about identifying different species, and the results of previous surveys for specific species.


How to Identify Dragonflies + Damselflies


Bee Survey 2009

Moth Survey 2009

Presence Records

Presence list for birds

Presence list for amphibians

Presence list for dragonflies

Presence list for butterflies

Presence list for mammals

Presence list for fungi

Heritage Lottery Fund Training Surveys

Butterfly Survey Training Results 04/07/2014

Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey Training Results 13/07/2014

Bird Survey Training Results 11/01/2015

Cricket and Grasshopper Survey Training Results 06/09/2015

Flowering Plants Survey Training Results 27/09/2015